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The STEM program at Ocean Grove Primary School is based around the key ideas of curiosity, problem solving and collaboration. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of hands-on activities and challenges that revolve around Science, Design Technology and Digital Technology. 

In the Junior years, students will use a range of building materials to solve problems and tackle design challenges. Rafts that can float are built using icy pole sticks, tin foil and rubber bands. Bee-Bots are utilised to begin the journey of coding. Mountains of LEGO and plasticine are provided to allow students to explore their creativity skills and respond to a problem. In the STEM room during the first week back of school, we don’t talk about what we did on the holidays – we build it!

In the Middle and Senior years, students explore a range of scientific concepts and are exposed to a wide array of digital technologies. They have the chance to tackle 3D Design and print their products on a 3D printer. We learn to code various robotics such as Edison robots, Spheros and Dash robots. Students develop their coding skills further with Scratch. They share their knowledge via creative-based apps such as Explain Everything and upload it for their parents to view on Seesaw. 

There’s even a lunchtime Tinkering Club for the student that likes to get a screwdriver in hand and dismantle an old stereo unit to see how it worked. 

The STEM room at OGPS is a place where any question is interesting and any student can feel comfortable to explore learning in some unique ways.

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