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Our school uses the Sentral on an online student learning management system for reporting to families

Important Information:

  • Student reports are published online and available for viewing on Sentral on the last Wednesday of term two and four.
  • You must be registered for Sentral to view your child/ren’s report. 
  • You can register for Sentral at any time. If you require support to register, please contact the school office on 52551340.
  • A link is available on the homepage of this website called ‘register for Sentral’ that provided direct access to the process.

Sentral Continuous Reporting Comments
Part of our assessment and reporting to families involves continuous reporting comments in Sentral. All students will receive  comments about their learning during the term. Families will be notified by email when a comment has been entered. Each student should receive approximately a minimum of nine comments per term. The maximum will vary depending on the individual student and their individual needs. It is important that you read these comments as they replace the majority of teacher comments that will be entered on the published school report at the end of the semester. 

How is the curriculum organised?

The Victorian Curriculum has been written so that when a child is in Year 2, they are working toward Level 2 etc. Each level outlines one years’ worth of learning as shown in the ‘I Can…’ statements on the Trackers for each year level. The ‘I Can…’ statements have been divided into two semesters. This report reflects only one semester’s growth in learning. When dividing the ‘I Can…’ statements into two semesters, we used our curriculum planning documents to separate them based on the topics and content that would be taught in semester one and semester two. Our teachers are responsive to the learning needs of our students, therefore some of the skills in the trackers in semester one may not be reported against until semester two and vice versa.

How are we reporting to families?

These June student reports are the beginning of the transition to our ongoing reporting system. This will mean that for some students, their achievement levels may not move this semester because teachers are now required to align their final mark more closely to the individual skills, knowledge and content expected at each level. This is the result of the AusVELS curriculum being finalised and our school’s work in translating this into student friendly ‘I Can…’ statements. It does not mean the students have not learnt, rather, they have been working on demonstrating each skill leading up to their current level. 

What do student reports include?

Each student report will include:

  • Information page containing: Where to find areas for improvement and future learning on Sentral (Trackers)/potential school support activities/suggested home support activities.
  • A-E grades.
  • Teacher general comment.
  • Progression point (dot) for each core subject area.
  • Progression point (dot) and subject overview for each specialist subject area along with a comment.
  • 7Cs of learning progress.
  • A list of school activities your child has participated in throughout the semester.
  • Attendance up until Wed 14th December.

Where do I find my child’s Report on Sentral?

1)      Log onto Sentral.
2)      Click on the photo of your child.
3)      Click on the word DASHBOARD with the small arrow at the top of the screen.
4)      Click on REPORTING.
5)      Click on PUBLISHED REPORTS.
6)      Click on the report you wish to view.

Where do I find my child’s Tracker on Sentral?

1)      Log onto Sentral.
2)      Click on the photo of your child.
3)      Click on the word DASHBOARD with the small arrow at the top of the screen.
4)      Click on SCHOOL RECORDS.
5)      Click on the blue link name of the Tracker you want to view in more detail.

Tracker colour coding system:

When you login to Sentral and go to SCHOOL RECORDS you will notice that the overview screen is colour coded.  

 Dark Green:

  • All markers (I can…’ statements) have been completed and the cluster (AusVELS achievement level) has been marked as achieved.
  • This level is achieved. 


  • Some markers (I can…’ statements) are yet to be achieved but the teacher has manually marked the cluster (AusVELS achievement level) as achieved.
  • Teachers may mark a cluster as achieved for a variety of reasons based on their assessment information.
  • This level is achieved, but there are some outstanding skills to be demonstrated consistently. 

Light Green:

  • Some markers (I can…’ statements) are achieved, but the cluster (AusVELS achievement level) has not been marked as achieved.
  • This level has been started, but not achieved. 

If you have any questions about reports and Sentral, please contact your child’s teacher or the school office.


The video series below is a range of videos about sentral. The videos cover registering, navigation and reporting. 
The last video (REPORTS VIDEO – FULL OVERVIEW) steps through the entire reporting process using Sentral. Please note, it is 12 mins long! The following videos are far shorter and will give you snapshots of information. 

Video: Registering for Sentral.

Video 1: Sentral Dashboard..

Video 2: Finding info about your child on Sentral.

Video 3: Learning information on Sentral.

Video 4: Day to Day Tasks on Sentral.


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